Keeping A Postive Attitude


It’s easy to maintain a positive attitude when things are going well.  Just like my experience in the sports world when you “win” everything goes smoothly and a positive environment often ensues.  Start losing a game or two and heads start to drop, confidence begins to wain and self-esteem starts taking a beating.

Not so much different than becoming ill.  The very nature of illness whether mental or physical is that you simply don’t feel well.  When you start not being able to do the things you always did confidence begins to disappear.

But why can some people maintain a positive attitude in the midst of personal struggles, illness or setbacks?  I think people who have the ability to continually put things in perspective can bounce back from those day to day setbacks caused from illness.  I believe choosing a positive attitude becomes just that–an active choice–a decision to see the speck of light in the middle of a dark room.

Having the ability to let go of the past and focus on the present is one of the keys to a positive attitude.  Just like athletes who lose games we have to constantly adjust our mindset so we focus on the challenge in front of us and not replay the days behind us.

It’s hard to maintain a positive attitude when you don’t feel well.  But a continued focus on all the things that are wrong will only make you feel worse.  If you’re focusing on all the things that are wrong you’ll continue to find them.  If you start to look for some good you’ll start to find that too.

I try to reset my attitude and if only for a moment I seek out one positive things about my day.  If you focus on the positive you’ll see a “can do” approach will help you fight your illness.  Athletes who start a game believing they are going to lose will be beat before the game even starts.  I try to give myself every advantage by focusing on how I am thinking about it.

I find my day goes much more smooth if I approach it with a positive attitude.  I try to identify one or two things I know I can accomplish that gives me a feeling of satisfaction.  Sometime the difference between a good day and a bad day is how you look at it.

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