“The Power is in my past!”

Some people say that “God works in mysterious ways,” and tonight I feel like I witnessed that before my very eyes.

I was invited to an event at The Experience Church and heard a very faithful woman talk about her struggles with bipolar disorder. Before I went I had no idea she was going to be there and less of an idea of what to expect from the evening.  

Before the guest speaker spoke Pastor Linda delivered an amazing talk.  She talked about how there is power in our past and that we can reach back and use those painful experiences and help other people.  I was listening intently as I have embarked on a journey to use my past pains to help raise awareness for mental illness.  

God knows for sure how much I have suffered with bipolar disorder and I have stayed away from church because quite honestly I have been angry with God.  But I remembered tonight that in my darkest moments and most painful times in my life I always prayed for God to get me through it.  

When I found myself in terrifying places all alone I prayed.  In one tragic experience during a bipolar episode I almost lost my life.  Lost and all alone with my life at risk I prayed. If I had not of done that I really don’t know what would have happened to me.

As I began to recover I faced disappointment and struggled with grief so much that I became angry with God for letting me have a mental illness.  I needed someone to blame right?

So tonight when I listened to the music and heard the guest speaker talk about her challenges with bipolar disorder it became clear to me that I was supposed to be there and hear the messages.  It was divine intervention that brought me there.

“There is power in your past” and past pain does not have to haunt you.  Healing has definitely taken place and I humbly thank God for that and plan to allow myself to live a more inspired life.  

9 thoughts on ““The Power is in my past!”

    1. Me too Kitt! If I am going to share my story with others I can’t leave out the fact that I turned to God in my darkest struggles. My faith is the reason I am alive today! 🙂

  1. Thanks for sharing this Amy, He is a wonderful Almighty Father to me and I think He is the same to all those who put their Trust in Him. He may be called God, Yaweh, Allah, etc but I believe in Faith in an Almighty One. The feeling is so real and the peace is so gracious. I wish you loads!

    1. Marie,
      Thanks for sharing your faith. It always helps to be reminded to trust in God. And I agree with you “peace is so gracious.” Inner peace comes with a connection with our spiritual self, something I didn’t have for a long time. Now that I have found that I don’t ever want to give it up. God bless you! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, have faith in God. It helps in healing. It will also boost your self confidence and self esteem. Learn to love yourself. Do what interests you. You will enjoy.

  3. Amy, you’re a sweetheart. I wish you lots of love. I have been unable to find a teaching position that would suit me in this economy, but as a sub, have met and talked to many troubled kids over the years. I feel my illness allows me to be more compassionate and occasionally helpful to some of these kids. That’s one positive thing my illness has given me.

    1. I can absolutely relate. I have been underemployed for a long time now, but I find what I do often helps other people because I have the insights to offer.

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