Suicide Is Not A Soultion

I read a blog from a very popular writer who lives with bipolar disorder.  She often writes controversial articles but she has a huge following and in my opinion a responsibility to offer hope not encourage people to give up.

So, I decided to write what I believed was true.  In complete contrast to what that author stated I don’t believe under any circumstance that suicide is or ever should be an option to relieve emotional pain.  

Why?  Because things change and often times it will get better.  I can firmly attest to that statement.  Because I know first hand what it is like to suffer with severe bipolar disorder to the point where I did not see anything positive to live for….except my faith in God and love for my dogs.  

When things are most difficult in our lives is when our faith is challenged the most.  Even if you doubt Gods existence or don’t believe at all I challenge you to look for one small thing in life that will give you HOPE!

In my experience, things have always gotten better for me.  The first time I had suicidal thoughts I was 20 years old.  At that time I was a struggling Division I college basketball player at the University of Tennessee playing for legendary Coach Pat Summitt.  I was supposed to be living my dream, but I was caught in the throes of bipolar depression.

Even though I left school because of my mental health and downward spiral, I continued to fight those suicidal thoughts and eventually I got better.

Three years later I was walking into Olympic Stadium as a member of the U. S. Olympic Team.  Had I given up and not fought the battle of taking my own life I would never had seen that things could get better.  

My faith played a huge role in helping me get through those dark times.  I know that emotional pain is very real and sometimes it is hard to live.  But I also know even with a little bit of hope things will get better.

If you have suicidal thoughts don’t try to fight alone.  Share your feelings with someone you trust.  Most often those thoughts are a symptom of depression.  It is very real and scientific evidence suggest there are changes in the brain that corresponds to depression.  But there is also many treatments that do work even for the most difficult cases.

There are many people who have struggled and even survived suicide attempts.  Most of those people will tell you they are so glad they survived.  

Focus on hanging in there for just one more day.  Stay in the present and don’t think too much about suffering lasting a lifetime.  Suffering can lift.  Pain can go away.  You never know what life will have in store for you.  

Fight to survive the tough times and don’t listen to people who tell you there is no hope.  There is always hope.  Even in the worst of times there is always something worth living for.

2 thoughts on “Suicide Is Not A Soultion

  1. You are so right Amy! When depression feels so bad its hard to look outside your deep pain coming from inside.
    Thus, clouding any hope of it ever changing. I tell myself, wait one more day. Then, will reexamine it again tomorrow. As we all know tomorrow never comes. So, this continues over & over if we hold true to our self.
    I also hold onto a promise I made to my daughter. That I’d never try to commit suicide ever again helps. Remembering the devastation it would cause her for the rest of her life too! Not to mention to my other child. My furry companion kitty. Where would that leave her.
    Doing these promises over & over while in a better more stable mood. Remembering the promises while I’m not depressed makes this even harder to break promises in the depths of depression.

    1. Amy,
      Thank you for sharing your insight. I think it is so important to recognize how depression can change our thoughts and this is exactly what you pointed out. Our minds change when we feel better so it makes sense to make promises when we are well. It might just make a difference when we find ourselves in the midst of a depressive episode. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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