Does hypomania scare you?

Ever since my last manic episode I have been monitoring my symptoms very closely.  Sometimes I get worried when I start to see a few signs of hypomania pop up and I have worried about this escalating into a full blown manic episode.

But…I remind myself that as long as I am getting enough rest and taking my medications everything will work out okay.

I have also discovered that after a long period of depression even a return to a normal amount of energy can seem like hypomania.  Isn’t it okay to have a little more energy and feel excited about life?

It truly is a challenge to keep the moods in check.  But equally it is important to give myself a little leeway and be alright with a little extra energy.  I just don’t want to ever end up in a full blown manic episode again, but I don’t want to paralyze myself from living.  Finding the balance is what has worked for me.

Because I live with a chronic condition I realize there are going to be those times when I experience some symptoms both manic and depressive.  But I refuse to live in fear.  I stay on top of my symptoms and manga the illness.  If I have a day or two with less sleep than usual I try to monitor it.  I think about how much cafeine I am drinking and how much exercise I have had.  This all helps me to feel more confident about handling this illness.

Since my schedule has become a bit more demanding I allow for extra time when I can unwind.  I am blessed that I can control my schedule to some extent.  But if I have too many early mornings in a row I make sure I have a couple of down days to recover.

Hypomania does scare me just a little, but I refuse to let this illness keep me from living a full life.  The key for me is to monitor, manage and adapt.  It is the best I can do under the circumstances.

11 thoughts on “Does hypomania scare you?

  1. Excellent point, Amy. I worry about that myself sometimes. I have to constantly remind myself that enjoying life doesn’t always lead to mania. Living a full life is so important, we can’t let our illness(es) completely run the show. Monitor, manage, adapt…I like the way you phrased that. 🙂

  2. I like the words you use as the keys to your strategy: Monitor, Manage, Adapt. Three simple words that when acted upon are very powerful. i too, worry sometimes about hypomania but I know I’m doing everything I can to manage my illness. I’ll remember those three words in my “toolbox” and will be using them as a reminder to myself. We can overwhelm ourselves with worry if we don’t trust that we are doing everything that we possibly can. Thanks – good post.

    1. Hi there…thank you for your comment. So glad you found a couple of tips for your toolbox. Sounds like you are doing well. I think as long as you keep hypomania in check there is nothing to fear. Thanks for adding to the discussion.

    1. Hi Marcia… I am doing well. I will try to answer your question about “down days.” For me it is like having down time. Like after I am really busy I take time to recover by resting and maybe sleeping a little extra to help me recover. It is just a wellness strategy that I have incorporated to stay healthy. Hope that helps.

      1. I know what you mean. There are times when I have to take a break from too much information on mental health and mental illness. It’s good to take those breaks.

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