Mental Illness can be messy

As I sat working on a keynote speech I am delivering it dawned on me that I was going to share some of my less pleasant moments to reinforce my point.  Then for a brief moment I felt kind of vulnerably empowered.  

You see the reality of mental illness is that sometimes it is just a bit messy.  It is not prim and proper – not politically correct.  It can have a whole chapter devoted entirely to one single mess.  Sometimes a person might have more than one mess and therefore multiple chapters.

As for me, well like most people with bipolar disorder I could write a great deal about those challenges with adversity and I plan to do that.  But it is most important that people read the entire book.  Because the story is really more about the clean up and less about the mess.

The glory is in crossing the finish line with your arms up, fist pumping in the air.  This is what I call recovery.  What I am sharing in my talk is about how I did it and how many people who have mental health conditions recover.  

You just don’t hear much about them. You really only hear about the mess.  

Let’s change that…”Triumph Over Adversity:  An Olympians Journey with Mental Illness”


3 thoughts on “Mental Illness can be messy

  1. I agree. Mental illness is messy, but I think it enriched my story. I fight depression and anxiety every day. However, I also accomplished a lot more in my life because of my accident and life threatening infection. It is the rising up that I am most proud of. You can curl up in a ball and waste or you can adapt, press onward and shine. Oh, what a rainbow, right? Looking forward to more from you Amy.

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