Finding Peace 

I am not going to lie there have been many times in the past several years when I have pondered what my life would have looked like if I had never gotten sick.  I not so quickly learned that we do not control what disease we get but we do get to decide how we deal with it.

I have often spoken about the losses that occur from having a mental illness.  But I have not mentioned the gains.  Most likely I would not be living in West Virginia, but I have grown to love where I live and appreciate the beauty.  I would not be here to look after my mother and she does need my help.  I would never have met such outstanding young people who I have coached and trained in basketball.

I would not have learned how fortunate my life has been in spite of my challenges, many others who live with mental illness have seen their opportunities be limited.

I would not have met the countless people who have shared their personal journeys with me.  So blessed to be a listening ear.

I get to watch my great nephew grow up and play video games with him.  It’s a real gift when a young person thinks your “cool.”

So my point is sometimes it is easy to focus on all the negative when we get unexpected detours in life.  But when you think about it the journey might have become much more interesting.  I know my life lessons are far more diverse than I could have ever imagined.

I am not happy about having a mental illness, but I am content with my life and where it is headed. There is great peace in that.

10 thoughts on “Finding Peace 

  1. Hi my friend Amy
    So glad to hear your soothing voice. I agree with the ebb & flow of mental illness. I’ve been on the roller coaster since 19, turned 53 couple days ago. Weighing my good with bad, the good outweigh every bad day. Like everyone when the bad day is on you it’s hard to see the blessings as you sink or fly.
    How is your mood? I ask because I care and there are many changes/projects I’m working on. We can talk and you’ll know when & if you want to participate.

    I’m glad you have a peaceful low key environment, will help your stress. Taking care of my grandparents as they died I realized the pain was making me a better person. Hard to put in words. Sure you’ve been there.
    I tell you every time, if you need me I’ll be here. Time has shown you my sincerity, I will be here if you need me.

    1. Hi Looking for the Light…its been a long time. All is well on my end just learning valuable life lessons every day. Not so much trouble with moods. I never really had much change except when I had an episode and I don’t have those anymore medication helps. Hope things are well for you!

  2. What a refreshing outlook. It encouraged me – to read your post. I often ask myself what life would be like without all the complications and the complicated people and the trips to the physio and the mood swings etc. Yet you are absolutely right- life wouldn’t be so diverse and I wouldn’t have met so many interesting people who open up their heart to me.

  3. Thanks for sharing your outlook. I too have stabilized with meds coupled with coping skills. At first I was angry at having bipolar disorder. Now I realize how much I’ve learned about myself, living and the people and world around me. Like you, the disorder has opened new doors of opportunity to help others. It’s always good to read your posts.

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