Why I write about Mental Illness

I had a few comments on my blog the other day that made me think about why I blog about mental illness.  Even though I know that some people don’t understand why I might talk about it–I don’t write for them.  

I write for the people who struggle and might need an encouraging word or two that may help them get through the day.

I write for the young person newly diagnosed with a mental illness looking for hope.  Maybe he or she is feeling isolated or alone and reading my blog makes them feel connected.

I write for the sake of shedding light on a taboo topic because I know how many millions of Americans are affected by it.  And we all need to start talking about it more so there is greater understanding, an increase in services and a reduction in stigma.

I write knowing that some people are gonna judge.  But when you are an activist you have to have a thick enough skin to take the backlash.

I write because I have come a long way from my lowest point in my struggle with bipolar disorder and I know I can help other people because “I get where they might be.”

  I realize if you take what is written in a snap shot in time you might miss the whole picture.  But this is a risk I am willing to take.  

What my next two weeks hold…

As a side note I am giving 7 presentations on mental illness and teaching a mental health first aid class.  I also joined Toastmasters to further enhance my speaking skills.  I am working toward my dream of becoming a National Speaker.

I advocate because I care.

4 thoughts on “Why I write about Mental Illness

  1. Toastmasters is a great organization to help grow one’s speaking abilities. I commend you for taking that extra step. I believe you will achieve your goal as long as you stay focused–and I know you know how to do that very well. Thanks for writing and for speaking out to educate folks about mental illness.


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