My Spiritual Journey in Recovery

Left to right-Pastor Tim Seidler, myself and Pastor Linda Seidler at the Experience Church serve team meeting.

More than a year ago I found my spirit yearning to be fed with the word of God.  Growing up in the Lutheran Church I had a strong foundation of faith but along the way in my life journey I had gotten very angry with God.

After a great deal of heartache, grief and struggle I realized that in my darkest moments in life I had always (and I do mean always) turned to God in prayer.  My healing journey led me to a conversation with Pastor Tim’s daughter, Betsy who said to me after I told her I was mad at God, “Don’t worry he can take it.”

In that moment my heart was touched by her wisdom and strong faith.  Betsy reached out to me and invited me to an event at the Experience church hosted by the Limitless woman group.  They had brought in a speaker named Heather ( from the Church by the Glades in Flordia.

Heather is a very special Christian woman who also happens to have bipolar disorder.  She gave an inspiring talk about her struggles and pain, but how she was lifted up by her faith in God.

After the program I wrote to Heather giving her a brief background about my journey.  To my surprise she responded to me with encouraging words and a recommendation to find a bible based church to help me in my journey.

All things being said I felt as if I was being led to the Experience Church by the grace of God and his faithful leaders and followers.  I started attending church on a regular basis and was uplifted by the worship team, Pastor Tim and Pastor Linda’s messages/sermons, and the many faithful followers of Jesus.

It did not happen overnight but within a year I found myself stronger, more confident and ready to take the next step in my faith by being a part of the serve team ( I greet people as they come in the door).

There has been several things that have been written about the spiritual part of us  that can benefit in our recovery from mental illness.  I personally feel God works through people and if we open our heart to the blessings he is offering we may be overwhelmingly surprised by the everyday miracles that occur.  Healing is one of them.

Personally I have found a church filled with people from all walks of life who are a part of the Experience church’s message  “A perfect place for imperfect people.”

If you are walking the path and in your recovery journey I could not agree more with Heather, find a bible based church and get ready for all the blessings you are about to receive.  (And it goes without saying this can be a traditional church as well).

God works in mysterious ways and sometimes obvious ways too!

7 thoughts on “My Spiritual Journey in Recovery

  1. I’ve found my mainstream church to be bible-based. We read from the scriptures, which inspire and inform the sermons. We partake of the Eucharist, which reminds us that we all belong to one body. We raise our collective voices and rejoice in the hymns which are part of our tradition. There may be a church around the corner with a rich tradition at which you may also be fed.


  2. I am very happy for you that you found a Bible based church to encourage you on your spiritual journey and offer a place for you to serve. I too have found God to be my source of strength and stability in both the good times and the worst of times and have a church that loves the hurting and imperfect (we all are). Our spirits are the core of who we are and we shouldn’t neglect that part of us but sometimes we forget. I’m happy for you, Amy. It sounds like you’ve found your way to wholeness. Thanks for sharing your spiritual side. It was encouraging to me.

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  3. Good to hear from you journey upward! Thank you for your kind words. Life is a journey right? Everyday my life gets better and better. I have worked very hard in recovery and certainly the spiritual aspect has been a major contributor to my wellness. Hope things are well with you. Take care…


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