Why keeping a positive attitude matters inspite of depression

It is frustrating to live with depression.  I get it.  I walk to the beat of humming depression almost everyday.  It is clearly frustrating to take a handful of medications and not eliminate my symptoms entirely.  

What helps me feel better is that I try very hard to maintain a positive attitude. Is it easy?  No.  But it is truly imperative.

I never realized how much depression could influence my thoughts until a friend gave me some feedback one day.  She said, “Amy, you and I are just different. You see the glass half empty and I see it half full.”  

Ouch.  I always thought of myself as a positive person with a good attitude but unknowingly I had gotten a bit cynical because of my untreated depression.  But as much as I did not appreciate her input at the time I can now look back and say I am glad she said it.

There is a lot to be said for paying attention to what thoughts we have going through our minds.  Practicing mindfulness is a great help in managing depression.  A bit of staying in check with whether my views are really negative or simply impacted because I may not feel well.  

Sometimes other people who don’t experience depression will not be able to relate to how I feel.  But I have learned I also have to understand how they feel too.

No one wants to be around a person who perpetuates negativity even if it is caused from an illness. But more importantly I have found the more I focus on being upbeat and positive the more my mood lifts.  If I am only feeling the hum of depression often times I can move my mood just enough to feel better.

Focusing on a positive attitude has really helped me.  I hope it helps you too.  And by the way someone who cares enough to give you feedback is worth her weight in gold.

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