The Courage to Share

It was three years ago when I started to blog.  I really enjoyed meeting so many people from all over the world.  What writing about mental illness came down to was the “Courage to Share,” an honest story sometimes filled with pain or struggle.

What I have learned is when I have been willing to share my story with others I receive so much in return that I almost feel overwhelmed by the amount of support.

One thing I hope I have been able to do is to offer hope to people who live with mental illness or their family members.  Someone said to me today, “Mental Illness is just so sad.  I don’t know how you can find fun or joy in what you do.”  I was surprised by the comment.  Sure suffering is plentiful when it comes to mental illness but hope is alive and well.

I truly believe the book I have written “Bipolar Disorder My Biggest Competitor” will be real in that there are struggles-but also be filled with the hope for recovery.  

Most of all I want to encourage others to share their stories in any format.  It is a gift that keeps on giving.  The courage to share is the grace in healing.


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