Football & Recovery

I am an athlete.  I might not be in Olympic caliber condition, but I will always be an athlete.  I am not the greatest fan in the world, but I did watch the superbowl.  I really could have cared less who won or lost, but I became fascinated with the way Tom Brady handled being behind by so many points.

Stressful.  Frustrating.  Emotional.  Yet he never quit.  You can dislike Tom Brady and the Patriots, but you cannot discount the fact that this guy never gave up.

In my world of recovery and mental health advocacy I cannot think of a better comparison for how I feel about my recovery journey.  I made it all the way back.  I looked back today and thought about how many years and I do mean years, where I struggled relentlessly.  It doesn’t mean that those years never had a good time or two, it just means they were long, hard, and draining.

As I sat in my new NAMI of Greater Wheeling office today I really just wanted to pinch myself.  I started on this mental health advocacy journey three years ago and since then I have worked my way to becoming an Executive Director of a non-profit organization.  One that focuses on advocacy for people with mental illness and their family members who support them.  I have found my passion and my cause.

If you knew where I was four years ago, you might not believe I could make a comeback.  If you want to find out what happened and how I did it…watch for the release of “Bipolar Disorder, My Biggest Competitor.”  It will be released on August 22!

No matter what people say about me the one thing they can never discount is the fact that I never give up.


6 thoughts on “Football & Recovery

  1. AMAZING AMY! YOU GO GIRL! Thank you for sharing your story and giving us hope and determination to push thru and get our lives back. I’m two years into my recovery and you’re right… It’s hard … But I’m getting there. I look forward to reading your book. All the best. Frances

    1. Hi there Frances…thank you so much for your comment! Keep fighting the good fight and never give up! You will make it and look back and be proud. I do hope you will read my book…you will see that I have had a very intense and challenging journey to places and situations that are shocking. I will be curious to hear from you after you have read it. Keep fighting Frances!!

  2. Congratulations Amy, on both your job and now the book. I can’t wait to get a copy and devor. You have been such a source of support and encouragement even if you don’t know how. I sort of lost email notifications of your post, but now I got it back working. Keep doing your great work and I’ll sure leave a review when I read your book

  3. I remember some of your posts when you were struggling on the road to wellness. And now you’ve reached your goal. Congratulations on your book and your job. You are an inspiration and role model to your readers and those who have the good fortune to know you personally. Continue to take good care of yourself and never give up the fight.

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