14 thoughts on “Book Cover Revealed

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    Amy Gamble reveals book cover for Bipolar Disorder My Biggest Competitor. I’m so proud of you. You face challenges everyday, your Olympian Spirit has given you the strength to learn the right environment best to live and how to shape your life to best deal with Mental Illness. I look forward to reading. I am reblogging to Survivors Blog Here.
    Be well my friend,
    🙂 M

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      1. i’m so proud of you, a big hurdle in your managing your new life. I’m anxious to read, my birthday is in July so that work out great. I believed in you from the first post. You level head, articulate writing, non-judgement attitude has elevated you status at WP in a short time. You always suggestions or how you tackled the fall. I admire you and can’t think of better person to accomplish this monumental goal. I would love to celebrate the actual release with a touch of your background, the big falls, getting up and of course the reward of getting back up when you don’t see how. If you can remember, give the dated or close ad I’d like to celebrate you. You are an excellent example of a Survivor. Nothing makes my heart sign like you, Amy.
        Much Love

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  2. Soooo excited!!! On Sun, May 28, 2017 at 10:00 PM Shedding Light on Mental Illness wrote:

    > Amy Gamble posted: “COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!'” >

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