I was like a kid at Christmas time when I finally got to release my book.  It was beyond exciting.  We (my editor and team) had been working hard for weeks.  Finally, the project was complete.  And now I get to hear the feedback.

True to form, I’m contemplating my next book project.  I think about what it takes to get past extreme disappointment.  I ponder on how someone without mental illness goes through life, and then I quickly realize I have no perspective on that–and if not mental illness than something else.  Right?

I wanted to take a thirty day blog challenge, where I actually wrote for 30 days straight.  The biggest problem is not the writing, it’s coming up with innovative topics that readers might find interesting.  And to be honest, not everyone wants to read about mental illness.  But that’s my expertise.

I found writing the book, “Bipolar Disorder, My Biggest Competitor,” one of the great challenges in my life.  Most of which had to with healing past challenges.  Deciding within myself what I wanted to reveal and what I would hold sacred.  But I like sharing and so therefore I didn’t hold much back.  I hope my readers appreciate it and can see I truly care about people.

I may be going to Texas for a talk.  I had hoped to become a National Speaker, so this fits nicely in my realm of dreams.

If you have read the book, please leave a review on Amazon.  It will help others find the book.  It might help someone else to overcome their challenges.

Have a great week everyone!  Until tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Dear Amy, good thoughts here. I so loved your memoir and could feel the emotional strength it took you to share some of what you shared. I did a review on my blog and would appreciate your comment there you know. I will tomorrow share same on goodreads and amazon because I can only do that from a computer and didn’t get to one today. All the best if you get to talk in Kansas

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