Overcoming the pain from disappointment

Sometimes the worst part of mental illness are the dreams left behind. The shattered and tattered remnants of a life once filled with promise and opportunity. There is no greater healing than acknowledging the pain, feeling it and then moving forward with what can be.

Things can really be difficult. It’s hard to always stay positive and optimistic. It’s actually impossible too. It’s hard not to have moments of frustration and despair.

I’ve asked myself the question, why do things always have to be so hard?

And then I answer myself.

Because I’m striving to live my best life despite my challenges. Of course I haven’t completely forgotten about the pain. It keeps me humble and honest. It motivates me to help others. My pain is the fire that keeps me going.

Last week I had a chance to teach a group of kids about mental health. The younger group I read the old book, “The Little Engine that Could.” I was encouraging them to think positively and believe they could accomplish things.

As I sat there looking into those kids bright shiny eyes, I felt so touched. If I had stayed stuck on my past I would never had the chance to see all those kids eyes light up with joy because in that moment I brought my best self to share with them.

I’m still in the process of telling myself “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” But when my book ends I know I’m going to say ,

“I thought I could. I thought I could.”

Shifting to a positive attitude can be the difference between doing the near impossible and giving up without trying.

No matter what circumstance you may find yourself in…don’t give up. Things always get better and might just surpass the old dreams you once had.

Amy Gamble

9 thoughts on “Overcoming the pain from disappointment

  1. I liked this post. There is true power in believing in yourself. When I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder I thought life was over and that I wouldn’t be capable of achieving my goals and dreams. I surpassed that though and everyday I surprise myself. I became a youth speaker and share my story of struggle, challenge and adversity with youth from k- post secondary. It is amazing. My pain keeps me humble as well and I believe I was given this mountain to show others it can be moved. Thanks for this 🙂


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