The Power of a Dream

In the midst of suffering a physical health setback on my journey, I woke up with a coughing/wheezing fit and stumbled into a reflective moment.

I realized I’ve been able to overcome many setbacks and challenges in my life because I have always had a dream.

A dream gives us direction, helps us strive to reach our potential, gives us focus and propels us forward to the future leaving the past behind.

I’m in the middle of a physical health challenge that I don’t know the outcome and I always get concerned my mental health will suffer. I worry in the midst of bronchitis or pneumonia or an unknown test result depression might come charging from the shadows where it is always lurking.

But this time around I’m powered with overwhelming positive energy from a dream I’ve had for many years. It is pushing me to keep my thoughts focused on the positive. All my work teaching classes on mental health is serving to benefit myself as a protective factor. What I have worked hard to teach others is serving me well at a time when I need to be strong.

I never realized until this early morning how powerful having a dream can be. I want to encourage everyone to find something to dream for. Winning the lottery doesn’t count. Dreams aren’t meant to help us escape circumstances. They are meant to challenge us to grow, learn and realize our potential.

Dreams keep us going in tough times.

“Dare to dream and act on that dream.”~John Maxwell

Be well.

Amy G.

2 thoughts on “The Power of a Dream

  1. Amy sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well prayers to you I too had a few health problems not the same as you but I’m continuing to take my medicine and setting small goals so I can reach my big goals Keep on keeping on Terry

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