Caring about others when impacted ourselves with this stressful situation.

I’ve been proud to be a Mental Health Advocate for nearly six years. In the midst of this crisis I’ve had moments when I have completely detached from news reports and stepped back from advocating for others.

I would call that survival. Doing the best I can with the situation to cope.

And then I return to my usual habits and begin to delve into data, reading and gaining knowledge. Upon reflection I realized how dire this situation is for the most vulnerable among us, those who are living in institutions of any kind and the homeless population. Those who work in those environments. Healthcare workers who are trying to save people’s lives. Truck drivers delivering packages and products. Essential workers going out everyday and putting themselves at risk in an unknown fashion.

I think about the stars in our community who are preparing meals for others. I think about courageous leaders who are making courageous choices to be conservative until having more information.

And one could arguably say I most likely think too much. But it’s both my strength and weakness. I’d rather have these profound moments of reflection and self-correction than live with my head in the sand.

I’ve learned the hard way I walk a very fine line between advocating, coaching and supporting others, while trying to manage my own challenges. At the end of the day, I decided if I don’t use my gifts, talents, skills, insights and what platform I do have, I will not be satisfied with myself.

On that note, I have learned to try and direct my frustrations with the unknown to the things I can control. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose in that balance.

Some have said, “we are all in this together.” But I think the reality is we are all just trying our best to navigate and play the cards we have been dealt. Some have a far better hand than others. But I’ve learned in life to play the hand you have…and maybe just maybe…you’ll end up coming out ahead.

I deeply care about Mental Health Advocacy. I care a lot for others. And I’m trying to do better in giving a voice to those who don’t have one.

Will you join me if you can?

Amy Gamble

6 thoughts on “Caring about others when impacted ourselves with this stressful situation.

  1. What a lovely post Amy. Talking about the ‘hand that you’re dealt’ makes a lot of sense to me. On the surface I was given the most incredible hand … but it was only many, many years later that I realised that the things that I was given were of no use to me. What I needed was to be taught how to cope, life skills, managing my emotions, dealing with the little things that others seemingly picked up so easily. Great post. Katie 👍💕

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    1. Hi Katie…thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. Sometimes going through tough times gives us insight into what we value most…what is most important. I hope you’re doing well today. Sounds like you have lots of insights.

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  2. Good post, Amy. A good way to survive the anxiety about these uncertain times is to focus on helping others through it. If we can physically do or provide something, that’s great. Some of us may not be in the position to do that, but we can encourage others with a phone call, a card or a good couple of words of encouragement. It doesn’t sound like much, but it is a great boost to those on the receiving end. Stay safe.

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