It’s okay not to be okay

I’ve lost count of how many days we have had a stay at home order. It is definitely a strange time we are living in. I don’t think there’s one person who hasn’t been impacted in one way or another from this pandemic.

How many of you have dealt with disappointments? Wedding cancellations? Graduation ceremonies non-existent? Sports careers ending without a real final game in the uniform you came to love? Unemployment? Uncertainty about the future? Losing someone you love?

The list is really infinite. An overwhelming amount of disruption to the order we like to have in our lives. The plans we make, the dreams we dream and the celebrations we savor.

It doesn’t help to pass off disappointment by saying “it was meant to be.” Sad is sad. It’s a painful emotion but it’s powerful. It hurts. And yet if we fight it, deny it or ignore it-it will fester and come out in other ways.

I’ve found over the years in dealing with traumatic events, disappointments, difficult circumstances the fastest way to feeling better was to be honest about my true feelings. No one wants to feel pain or sadness but feeling it is dealing with it. And dealing and acknowledging the pain helps us heal.

This is a very difficult time. It helps me not to fight the current as if it were a rapidly moving stream. I have to go with the flow.

Some days I give myself permission to just not be okay. Knowing I will regroup the next day and come back stronger.

Fighting feelings increases stress and anxiety. Take a deep breath and stay in the present moment. Healing will happen in time.

My sincerest thoughts are with you.

Amy Gamble

8 thoughts on “It’s okay not to be okay

  1. Thanks for your comments Amy. Cindy Burke’s (my sister) daughter was supposed to get married in Rhode Island on May 16 but it had to be cancelled. She had rented beach houses for us to stay in and we were all looking forward to celebrating with her. This will be a very sad month for her. I’m sending your comments to Cindy because they are hurting for their daughter.

    You always have a way of writing something that is currently impacting my life. Stay well!

    Karen Wojcik

    SPOKES Instructor

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    Weirton, WV 26062

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  2. It is as if you spoke the exact way I feel and the beliefs I have. Allow yourself to feel and stay present in each moment. We tend to breathe in shallow little breaths when we are stressed or afraid and we forget to exhale. Thanks for sharing.

    Peace & Blessings,


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